I think that nowadays we are so caught up in our day to day lives and completing our tasks, that we constantly fail to recognize things that are REALLY important. The other day, I was on a hike. I found that I was looking at the rocks and roots on the trail in front of me and wanted to get “there” as rapidly as I could.  My husband is a goal oriented person. All he can think about is getting to his goal or getting “there”. Because of this, he often misses the in between.  Every day, I am rushing to get my kids to school or their activities and then rushing home to begin work. Are you like this too?

I think that there are many people like me out there. Every day, I struggle to keep myself in check. What I really need to do is stop, slow down and start  paying attention to life’s journey, rather than it’s destinations.  I think I would appreciate my existence on this planet more if I naturally did this.  For example, if I had stopped thinking about getting there on my hike, I would have appreciated the view around me more, the small animals and insects scurrying about, the sound of the wind, the smells, the amazing flora, the wonder in my childrens’ minds, and the looks on their faces as all of these things came into being. The miracle of life can be seen in the small details.

I challenge you to stop, then slow down. Take deep relaxing breaths and enjoy what you see. Consciously tell yourself to do so, and notice the small details.  I bet you will find that you will like it.  

By: Jill Topp