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Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Speech language pathologists and audiologists are professionals who evaluate and treat people who have speech, language, or hearing disorders. Working with educators, medical and rehabilitation personnel, psychologists, and social workers, these professionals are usually part of a comprehensive team of rehabilitation specialists. A master’s degree or equivalent is the recognized standard of qualification for speech-language […]

Triple Hit Study May Help Explain Autism’s Male Bias – BY: Sarah DeWeerdt

Originally Published at spectrumnews.org/news/triple-hit-study-may-help-explain-autisms-male-bias The absence of an autism-linked gene, combined with exposure to a mock infection in the womb, produces social deficits in mice — but only in males, according to a new study1. The results suggest that a ‘three-hit’ model of autism risk — genes, environment and sex — could help clarify the […]

International Effort Expands List of Genes Tied to Autism – By : Jessica Wright

THIS ARTICLE WAS OBTAINED AT : http://www.spectrumnews.org A massive sequencing study spanning seven countries links 38 new genes to autism or developmental delay and intellectual disability1. The study, published Monday in Nature Genetics, underscores the power of collaboration: Researchers from 15 institutions teamed up to recruit more than 13,000 people with one of the conditions. […]

The Study of Nonverbal Autism Must Go Beyond Words, Experts Say

This article was originally found on SFARI.org Author: Sarah DeWeerdt 2 September 2013 The study of nonverbal autism must go beyond words, experts say. Interactive devices do not hinder nonverbal children with autism from learning to speak, and may even help them. Roughly 25 percent of people with autism speak few or no words. A […]

ADHD Drugs Don’t Lead To Better Performance In School: Focused Children Still Need Direction, Study Says

Source: Currie J, Stabile M, Jones L. Do Stimulant Medications Improve Education and Behavioral Outcomes for Children with ADHD? The National Bureau of Economic Research. 2013. Giving a child Ritalin or Adderall won’t make him necessarily more focused on school, especially in the long term. It’s perhaps the most controversial disorder of the 21st century: […]

‘Boys Will Be Boys’ in U.S., but Not in Asia

Taken from Science Daily Story Source: This story is reprinted from materials provided by Oregon State University ——————————————————————————————————— May 22, 2013 — A new study shows there is a gender gap when it comes to behavior and self-control in American young children — one that does not appear to exist in children in Asia. In […]

New Hope for Autistic Children Who Never Learn to Speak

Found on: Science News Apr. 24, 2013 — An Autistica consultation published this month found that 24% of children with autism were non-verbal or minimally verbal, and it is known that these problems can persist into adulthood. Professionals have long attempted to support the development of language in these children but with mixed outcomes. An […]