Payment and Payment Assistance

Speech Therapy Payment and Payment Assistance

Private speech-language therapy is not covered under the Medical Service Plan (MSP) of British Columbia; however, there are several other avenues under which a family may be eligible instead of or in addition to payment out of pocket. These include but are not limited to:

1) Extended Health Benefits – Individual plan coverage varies
2) Various Governmental Contracts – (i.e., Autism Funding, At Home Program, Individualized Contracts for foster children)
3) Aboriginal Band Contracts – Aboriginal children with special needs may qualify for funding through their bands
4) Grants – There are several places that offer grants to individuals in financial need. These places include but are not restricted to:

CKNW Orphans Fund
Variety Children’s Fund
Lion’s Club – Contact your local chapter
Shriner’s Club – Contact your local chapter
President’s Choice Children’s Fund – Contact your local chapter