Can’t understand your goat? Maybe it’s his accent

By Heather Yundt There’s no kidding around about this — goats develop accents, a United Kingdom study suggests. Scientists previously believed that the calls of goats, which have limited vocal abilities, were determined by genetics. Instead, this research found that kids — young goats — adapt their calls to their social group. Elodie Briefer and […]

Living With Celiac’s Disease- Tips for Survival

By: Jill Topp I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease after my second child was born, in 2006. I went on Weight Watchers to lose the baby weight, was breastfeeding, and I could not, for the life of me, understand why I was losing my baby weight so quickly and easily. Since my diagnosis, I have […]

Raising a Child with Autism When Hugs Are In Short Supply

By Connie. Will a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder limit my emotional connection to my child? As parents we all want to cuddle, kiss and hold our children. Not only do they feel good to hold but they smell good too – most of the time. But what is a parent to do when […]

Researchers Rewrite Textbook On Location of Brain’s Speech Processing Center

ScienceDaily (Jan. 30, 2012) — Scientists have long believed that human speech is processed towards the back of the brain’s cerebral cortex, behind auditory cortex where all sounds are received — a place famously known as Wernicke’s area after the German neurologist who proposed this site in the late 1800s based on his study of […]

Imagine…What is it Like to be the Parent of a Child with Selective Mutism

By: Joleen Fernald, MS CCC-SLP, Doctoral Student, PediaStaff Clinical Coordinator All children will experience social difficulties from time to time. This is not only a normal, expected part of growing up, but also an important learning experience for children. As they muddle through social problems with their peers, children will learn to negotiate, compromise and […]