Obesity, the Sensory/Emotional System and Learning

By: Susan N. Schriber Orloff, OTR/L “Childhood obesity can have complications for the physical, social and emotional well-being of your child” The Mayo Clinic Staff Paper And I should know…a reformed “chubster” who remembers being told that I was so fat I made “the carpool car go down when I got in”. NOT fun and […]

Navigating the Social World of Elementary School (Notes for Parents and Teachers and Those Who Support Them)

By: Diane I. Ferber-Collins MBA, MA, C.A.S. Social Skills, Social Cognition and Social Thinking are all terminology used to describe the social abilities. As our students develop physically, cognitively and emotionally, their social development also follows a developmental trajectory. For many children, the full repertoire of social skills come easily through everyday interactions with adults […]

High-dose caffeine safe, lowers risk of motor disorders in preemies: study

By: Helen Branswell, The Canadian Press Posted: 01/17/2012 3:29 PM | Comments: 0 (including replies) A newborn baby is seen at the premature birth unit of a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2008. A high-dose jolt of java in the neonatal unit is safe and helps lower the risk premature babies – the […]