School Anxiety: A Common Issue for Children with Autism

The start to a new school year can be riddled with anxiety for any child. When you think of your first days at school, I am sure your memories are mixed with some years having a better start to the school year then others. Going to a new school or having a new teacher in […]

Toddlers At Risk For Autism

Researchers and practitioners advise that children identified with autism begin intensive behavioral treatment and receive educational services as early as possible in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. There is clear evidence that the early initiation of services is associated with a greater response to intervention and positive changes in language, social, or cognitive […]

How a Child’s Lifestyle Affects His Alertness, Behaviour and Ability to Learn

A child’s lifestyle affects his alertness, behaviour and his ability to learn. Things such as what he eats, his daily activities and his time schedule are all areas which influence the development of any child. In this respect, it’s important to learn how to achieve balance in each aspect of his daily life. This is especially […]