Early Signs of a Reading Difficulty

Parents are often the first to suspect their child has a reading problem. An expert alerts parents to some of the earliest indicators of a reading difficulty. A parent may be the first person in a child’s life to recognize a reading problem. A parent’s observation is critical because some of the earliest signs that […]

Study Shows: Brains Out of Sync for Children with Autism

[Source: Reuters] Researchers studying autistic toddlers have discovered their brain activity appears to be out of sync at a very early stage — a finding that sheds light on the biology of the condition and may help in earlier diagnosis. In research published in the journal Neuron, scientists in Israel used functional magnetic resonance imaging […]

Shaping the Minds of our Children Today- Get back to the Basics

On Twitter today, someone wrote, “9 year olds today have: Facebook, twitter, luxurious phones and ipods. When I was their age, I had a coloring book, crayons,? & imagination”.  This comment saddened me because I believe it is up to us to decide how to parent our children. If a parent allows his/her child to […]

Worth Repeating: A Model for Manipulating Linguistic Complexity in Stuttering Therapy

 By: E. Charles Healey, Lisa Scott Trautman, and James Panico [Source: MNSU.edu]  A basic component of most stuttering therapy programs is manipulation of the length and grammatical complexity of client utterances (Healey, Norris, Scott Trautman, & Susca, 1999). For example, Ryan and Ryan (1995) reported that a fluency-shaping treatment program based on a gradual increase […]

How to Have fun with Your Child who has Problems Transitioning this Summer!

Does your child have challenges transitioning from one activity to the next? How about from one schedule to the next, like commencing and participating in summer vacation and all of the new activities? If so,  I have a few tips for you!!!! Create a well illustrated story of the new event-  (This will prepare him/her  for the […]

Autism Experts Urge Reform of US Chemicals Law

Environmental health and autism experts Tuesday called for reform of the outdated U.S. law regulating chemicals, the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976. They warned that the recent sharp rise in autism is likely due, in part, to the cocktail of toxic chemicals that pregnant women, fetuses, babies and young children encounter. “Lead, mercury, and […]

Developing Attention, Listening and Memory Skills

What do you mean by developing ‘attention’?Attention is ‘the ability to focus on, stay interested in and respond to the things we see, feel, hear and experience’. Why is it important?It is not unusual for young children to have a short span of attention. Working on ‘attention’ aims to extend the time a child is […]

Looking For Early Signs Of Autism In Brain Waves

A technology that monitors electrical activity in the brain could help identify infants who will go on to develop autism, scientists say. The technology, known as electroencephalography, or EEG, is also providing hints about precisely how autism affects the brain and which therapies are likely to help children with autism spectrum disorders. “Right now, the […]

Early Intervention and Longterm Support for Deaf Students

Exposing deaf or hard of hearing children to signed or spoken language early is critical to their ability to learn a language. That’s one of the findings of a new report from the Government Accountability Office. But there are some obstacles to providing quality early intervention for all children with hearing problems as well as […]