Diagnostic Assessment

Diagnostic Assessments

Diagnostic assessments provided vary in length and complexity, based on the needs of the individual and requests from the client. The evaluations include informal assessment,during which a sample of your child’s conversational speech sound production and language comprehension and usage is collected, a parental/guardian interview is conducted, a developmental checklist may be completed, and observations are made. The assessment may also include one or more formal tests that will be chosen specifically to assess your child’s area(s) of concern. They are given to provide scores that will compare his/her level of functioning to other children his/her age in order to determine whether or not a delay exists, to assist with the creation of goals in therapy, and to have a baseline for future comparison. Once all information is compiled, results are shared with the client and a plan of intervention may be formulated.

Areas assessed could include one or more of the following: language comprehension and usage, speech sound production, oral-motor functioning, social-pragmatic functioning, behaviour, play skills, written language, and voice.