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Triple Hit Study May Help Explain Autism’s Male Bias – BY: Sarah DeWeerdt

Originally Published at The absence of an autism-linked gene, combined with exposure to a mock infection in the womb, produces social deficits in mice — but only in males, according to a new study1. The results suggest that a ‘three-hit’ model of autism risk — genes, environment and sex — could help clarify the […]

International Effort Expands List of Genes Tied to Autism – By : Jessica Wright

THIS ARTICLE WAS OBTAINED AT : A massive sequencing study spanning seven countries links 38 new genes to autism or developmental delay and intellectual disability1. The study, published Monday in Nature Genetics, underscores the power of collaboration: Researchers from 15 institutions teamed up to recruit more than 13,000 people with one of the conditions. […]

Autism in Small Town Rural America- BY: Ann Griswold – Found on:

This is a story of autism in small-town America Rural living can be wonderful: community, friendly faces, a slower pace of life. But when there’s autism in the family, it can be tough. Morning circle is off to a rough start at LilyPad Learning Center. On a bright Monday in September, in the large preschool […]

New approach may treat autism by dialing up genes – BY: JESSICA WRIGHT

Injecting snippets of RNA into the brain could gently boost the expression of certain genes, according to a mouse study1. The finding could help safely treat some forms of autism. Many mutations associated with autism affect only one copy of a gene, leaving the other intact. In these cases, researchers could use RNA snippets to […]